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Current and past investments of Lauder Partners / Gary Lauder that turned out OK or are too soon to tell. (The ones that did not turn out ok are the expensive tuition we VC's pay.)

Current portfolio companies (still private):

Sorted by date of investment. Most recent first. Last updated 2/19.

(f.k.a.) stands for "Formerly Known As"

  • Sustainable Bioproducts (9/18) (A biotechnology company developing a new way to grow edible protein.)(sustainablebioproducts.com)
  • WaterGuru (7/18) (Smart poolside robot that automatically tests and treats pool water) (getwaterguru.com)
  • NaNotics (5/18) (Treating major diseases with subtractive nanoparticles)(nanotics.com)
  • OpenGov (4/18) (Cloud-based software for public sector budgeting and performance)(opengov.com)
  • UniKey Technologies (3/18) (Enabling effortless access control via Bluetooth (which is harder than it seems)) (unikey.com)
  • xCures (2/18) (Developing AI-based ‘Virtual Trials’ that continuously learn from the clinical experiences of all cancer patients)
  • Polystream (a.k.a.Elektraglide) (11/17) (Polystream’s technology is enabling video games and demanding 3D applications to be streamed at unprecedented scale) (polystream.com)
  • LVL Technologies, Inc (11/17) (Wrist-based hydration monitor (inter alia)) (onelvl.com)
  • SpinLaunch Inc. (10/17) (Revolutionary small satellite space launch company) (spinlaunch.com)
  • Via Transportation (10/17) (Ride-sharing) (ridewithvia.com/)
  • Openwater (8/17) (Healthcare company that is revolutionizing and miniaturizing the way we read and write our body and brains) (openwater.cc)
  • Cortene (8/17) (Pharmaceutical for treating chronic fatigue syndrome, and related diseases.) (corteneinc.com)
  • Caavo Inc. (7/17)(Unifying home entertainment by bringing together all your devices, services and control via a fancy HDMI switch.)(caavo.com)
  • Didi Chuxing (2/17) (Ride-sharing) (didiglobal.com)
  • Stella (8/16)(Company-to-company referral NW and AI personal recruiter)(stella.ai)
  • WaveShift LLC (8/16) (Technologies for Eye Health)
  • Crunchsters (7/16) (Elevating snacking with tasty sprouted plant protein) (crunchsters.com)
  • Cocoterra Company (5/16) (Developing appliance to make chocolate at home) (cocoterra.com)
  • Hyperloop One (12/15) (Shooting people (and their stuff) through tubes.) (hyperloop-one.com)
  • Thrive Bioscience, Inc. (12/15) (Solutions to automate, with analytics, cell and stem cell culture for drug discovery and research.)(thrivebio.com)
  • 23andMe (11/15) (DNA testing) (23andme.com)
  • Starry Inc. (12/14) (Formerly Project Decibel Inc.) (Improved 5G ISP) (starry.com)
  • Anyroad Inc. (10/13) (Software for tour and activity businesses.) (anyroad.com)
  • Magnolia Medical Technologies, Inc. (5/12) (Blood drawing system that decreases contamination in blood cultures.) (magnolia-medical.com)
  • Samba TV (Formerly Flingo) (a.k.a. Free Stream Media) (3/12) (Smart TV software) (samba.tv)
  • Geo Fossil Fuels (2/11) (For this and other entries below with missing information: it's not an oversight.)
  • Trusted Insight (4/10)(Institutional Investor marketplace for alternative investments in PE, hedge funds and real assets)(trustedinsightinc.com)
  • Palantir (2/10) (Software platforms for integrating, visualizing, and analyzing information)(palantir.com)
  • The Water Company (1/08) (New means of water purification) (wtrcompany.com)
  • GeoSynFuels LLC (9/07) (Process innovation for converting biomass to ethanol) (geosynfuels.com)
  • YesVideo ('00) (Wholesale provider of home video on tape-to-DVD conversion) (YesVideo.com)

Past portfolio companies (that returned >1X) or current public ones if IPO'd or acquired for stock:

Sorted by date of investment, not exit. Most recent first.

  • Trilogy Education Services (9/18) (Partners with leading universities to help companies bridge the digital skills gap.)(trilogyed.com)(Bought by 2U for $750M in 2019).
  • Beyond Meat (7/17) (Plant-based synthetic meat that actually tastes great) ((IPO 5/19 as BYND) beyondmeat.com)
  • Pillpack (11/16) (Full-service pharmacy that sorts your medication by the dose) (pillpack.com)(Sold to Amazon for ~$1B in '18)
  • Uber (3/15) (Ride-sharing)() (IPO 5/19 as UBER) uber.com
  • M:Metrics (2/08) (Mobile market research and ratings firm) (Sold to ComScore 5/08)
  • Mi5 Networks (2/07) (Corporate NW security) (www.mi5networks.com) (Bought by Symantec 4/09)
  • HeyWire (f.k.a. MediaFriends, Integra5) ('04) Enabling Conversational Mobile Messaging between enterprise businesses and their customers. (Was on BoD) www.heywire.com (Sold to Salesforce.com 8/16)
  • ShotSpotter ('04) (System to acoustically triangulate the origin of gunfire for police) (Was on BoD) (www.shotspotter.com)(NASDAQ: SSTI 6/17)
  • Aurora Networks ('02) (Fiber-optic infrastructure for Cable HFC Networks.) (www.aurora.com)(Sold to Pace, plc (LSE: PIC) 11/13), Pace sold to Arris (NASDAQ: AARS 1/16) 
  • BigBand Networks, Inc. ('02) (MPEG switch, router, stat mux, groomer, ad inserter, etc.+ CMTS (from ADC)) (3/07 IPO: NASDAQ: BBND) (www.bigbandnet.com)
  • Everstream. ('02) (VOD monitoring, reporting and mgmt SW (and related applications)) (was on BoD) (Bought by Concurrent (CCUR) 8/05) (www.everstream.com)
  • Stargus ('01) (DOCSIS Cable modem management software) (Bought by C-Cor 8/04)
  • Theravance (f.k.a. Advanced Medicine) ('00) (Drug discovery/biotech) (10/04 IPO: THRX) (http://www.theravance.com)
  • Peribit ('00) (Telecom equipment) (Acquired by Juniper 7/05 (Nasdaq: JNPR))
  • Navic Systems ('00) (Interactive TV and STB data management) (Bought by Microsoft 6/08) (www.navic.tv)
  • Equator ('00) (Media Processor) (Acquired by Pixelworks 6/05 Nasdaq: PXLW)
  • V-bits ('99) (Statistical multiplexers for digital video broadcasting) (Acquired by Cisco)
  • Compatible Systems ('98) (VPN & routers) (Acquired by Cisco)
  • Vivid Technology ('98) (Video-on-demand servers) (Was on board of directors) (Merged with CCUR 11/99)
  • Overture Services (fka Goto.com (Series A!)) ('98) (Internet directory service) (Nasdaq: GOTO > OVER, Yahoo bought in '03)
  • CatchTV (Advertising clearinghouse for TV web links) ('98) (Was on board of directors) (Acquired by ACTV 10/99)
  • About.com (fka The Mining Company/General Internet) ('98) (Nasdaq: BOUT, bought by Primedia in 2000)
  • CitySearch/Ticketmaster Online ('97) (Internet "Yellow-page" directory) (Nasdaq: TMCS) (Later bought by InterActive Corp.)
  • Zip2 ('97) (Internet "Yellow-page" directory) (bought by Compaq for Altavista) (Now part of Infospace)
  • Terayon ('96) (Nasdaq: TERN) (Cable modems)
  • WebTV ('96) (Bought by Microsoft in '97) (Interactive/Internet TV)
  • Imedia ('96) (Statistical multiplexers for digital video broadcasting) (Bought by Terayon (Nasdaq: TERN))
  • Hybrid Networks ('94) (Was on board of directors) (Nasdaq: HYBR) (First asymmetrical cable modems (now all are) and wireless cable modems (oxymoronic))
  • ActiveVideo Networks (f.k.a. ICTV) ('90-) (Virtual set-top box software for Cable, IPTV & OTT) (Was Chairman of Board)(4/15 Sold to JV of Arris & Charter Communications (largest customer))(www.activevideo.com)
  • Educational Systems Corp. ('88) (Bought by Jostens) (Integrated learning systems (ILS's))
  • HNC Software ('88) (IPO in'95. Nasdaq: HNCS - Acq. by Fair Isaac in 2002 for $810M.  Now named FICO) (Neural networks & machine learning for AI use)
  • Telebase->N2K->CDNow->Time Warner ('87) (Was on BoD) (Nasdaq: NTKI > CDNW) (Online search -> Music publishing and retailing on Web)