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Lauder Partners, LLC is an entity investing in various realms of the technology field. We invest both directly in companies as well as in funds - both venture and others. Since it primarily invests the capital of Gary Lauder and family members, we don't provide much information to the public. However here is a bit more:

Areas of current investment interest: TV technology, security, telecommunications and internet technologies. Not content nor programming. Direct investments are only considered for the US and Canada, but the closer to Silicon Valley, the better.

For a list of current and past portfolio companies, click here.

For a brief biography, click here.

We do not hire associates, interns nor other investment professionals as employees.

The best way to reach Gary Lauder is via e-mail, not social networks.

My phone # is (650) 323-5700...but I prefer e-mail for "cold calls."

The fax # is (650) 323-2171 (please don't waste too many trees)

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Extracurricular Presentations:

1. Gadgetoff 2009 (3 min)
2. TED 2010: (Gary gives us a sign ;-)) (5 min)       Downloads on this subject        Supplemental info on signs
3. Powering My House From My Car (4 Min.)

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